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APH kink meme Asian nations index - Fills

Unfilled index is over here

*kink meme


Included so far:
*1st part
*2nd part

Hong Kong

Hong Kong/England

08-07-24 UK/HK - English-brand racism of the Victorian Era, tea with milk (1st fill) -> with a pic

08-12-01 UK/HK English-brand racism of the Victorian Era, tea with "milk" (2nd fill)

08-07-26 UK/HK - Humiliation and rape while there are fireworks outside and a social party int he next room -> with pics: 1 2

08-04-01 UK/HK HK being broken and trained into a "proper gentleman"

09-02-04 UK/HK Noncon while UK makes HK wear America's old clothes

Hong Kong/Other

08-12-08 Seychelles/HK - bodyswapping

09-07-19 Sealand/HK, UK/HK -
Innocent Sealand meets Hong Kong, but later finds out he's UK's whipping boy (and its his fault)"> Continued hereUnfinished



08-09-01 Russia/China - Russia takes China's virginity on a whim

08-09-13 Russia/China - Russia adores CHina'S hair, but he cuts it

08-10-03 Russia/China - braiding, art fill

08-10-29 Russia/China - China falling asleep in Russia's lap

08-11-11 Russia/China - Getting it on while riding Space Mountain

08-11-22 Russia/China - Russia lifts China by the throat

08-11-24 China/Russia - tea flavoured kisses, Quing dynasty

08-12-09 Russia + China - Russian word for penis is a frequently used syllable in Chinese, Russia POV

08-12-11 Russia/China - Russia molesting China while he cooks

08-12-15 Russia/China - Showing pandas how to reproduce

08-12-17 Russia+China - The 1957 that never happened

08-12-21 China/Russia -
China sees Russia's scars for the first time and tries to ease the pain, Russia self-mutilation

08-12-24 Russia/China - Floriography

08-12-24 China/Russia - consensual, ink brushes on skin

08-12-28 Russia/China - Making up after the Sino-Soviet split

08-12-31 Russia/China - In a closet, hiding from Belarus and Korea

09-01-20 China/Russia - Jealous!China topping Russia when he finally comes to his house again

09-01-23 China/Russia - Russia offers himself to pay China for a gift of sunflowers, China tells him why it's not acceptable

09-01-27 Russia/China - First time Russia saw China's scar

09-01-30 Russia/China - The Chinese and the Russians are like long-term lovers who are thinking "Shall we continue to share this bed?"

09-02-11 China/Russia - China wins struggle for power, art fill

09-02-16 Russia/China - Signing of the Treaty on Deepening Military Trust in Border Regions

09-03-03 Russia/China - Seduction through dance, China riding with picture

09-03-24 Russia/China - Dubcon, bloodplay, chained China


08-12-08 China/US - China owns US, because US owes him money

09-01-30 China/US +UK - China seduces US, UK accuses him of cradle robbing

09-02-12 Russia/US - US tries to make China take the great firewall down by showing him porn and then tries to prove that the position is possible

09-02-16 China + America - Reds unter the beds, art fill


08-07-25 UK/China/France - Opium

08-11-02 China/Spain - Spain being chased by a bull, poetry fill

08-11-09 China/Spain - First meeting in 1556

08-11-22 China + Canada - Are polar bears or pandas better?

08-11-26 Shinatty-chan/China - China seeking comfort and Shinatty-chan suddenly coming very alive

08-12-13 Allied Powers - Russia walks in on France, US and UK fooling around with China and then... Allied Forces Orgy

08-12-17 UK + China - tea, bitter thoughts at the day of Hong Kong's return

09-02-03 Allied Powers - Martial arts of each nation

09-02-11 US+UK+Germany+France+China - Fluff fic about dogs

09-03-23 China + France - China the artist and France the nude model

09-03-28 Shinatty/China - Consensual sex, not Ivan but the old man; art!fill



08-09-06 Greece/Japan - Greece teaching Japan how sex can be enjoyable, doujin fill

09-01-23 Japan/Greece - Seducing Greece, Japan with cat ears/tail and in sailor fuku; art fill

09-01-28 Japan/Greece - Japan with cat ears, blowjob; art fill

09-02-24 Greece/Japan - Car sex

09-03-01 Japan/Greece - Greece is sick, Japan takes care of him; art!fill

09-03-04 Greece/Japan - Awkward morning after, Japan: It was a dream!

09-03-08 Greece/Japan - Am I Neko Kichi? - No comment.

09-03-17 Japan/Greece - Japan kidnaps Greece

09-03-27 Greece/Japan - Japan is a needy uke, Greece is worried that the cats might see it; multiple Limmerick fills

09-05-30 Japan/Greece - Greece is sick, Japan takes care of him

09-06-11 Greece/Japan - Cat ears

09-06-25 Grece/Japan - Like a cat in a tree

09-08-04 Greece/Japan - Japan only wearing Greece's jacket, art fill


08-09-22 Japan/UK - Japan molests UK on a subway

08-10-24 UK/Japan - blowjob in public, resisting Japan

09-02-01 Japan/UK - Watching fireworks

09-02-01 Japan/UK - Cooking lessons

09-02-26 UK/Japan - Kimono fetish; Art fill

09-05-26 Japan+UK - Discussing tentacle porn


08-09-25 US/Japan - Post WW2, America helping Japan recover/taking advntage of his position; Japan doesn't know if to hate or love him Unfinished

09-01-06 US/Japan + UK - America fucking Japan with two nuclear bombs, UK posting about it on fandomsecrets

09-01-24 US+Japan - playing Japanese RPGs

09-02-06 Japan+US - Japan beats the shit out of US (Higurashi syndrome)

09-02-15 Japan/US - Shibari

09-03-01 US/Japan - America tries to fend of a drunk seductive Japan and fails

09-03-15 US/Japan - Japan in a maid costume to seduce America, master/maid roleplay

Axis Powers

08-09-14 Germany/Italy + Japan - Italy having sex with Germany and telling Japan afterwards

08-12-10 Japan/Italy/Germany - Japan and Italy get it on in sailor school uniforms, Germany joins them

08-12-30 Germany/Japan/Italy - Japan getting spanked and loving it with pic

09-01-20 Japan+Germany+Italy - Cosplaying Axis Powers, art fill

09-01-29 Germany/Japan - Both Germany and Japan are in love with Italy and use each other as a substitute

09-03-26 Germany/Japan - Germany's good with his hands.

09-04-05 Germany/Italy/Japan - Plotty genderbended threesome

09-04-08 Germany/Italy/Japan -


09-03-22 Japan/Switzerland -
Crossdressing, Limerick fill


08-07-26 Switzerland/Japan - Teaching Japan to handle a gun (1st fill)

08-07-26 Switzerland/Japan - Switzerland wants to make Japan fire a Japanese gun (2nd fill)

08-07-31 Sweden/Japan - Caramell dansen

08-11-20 tentacle/Japan - Art fill

08-12-26 Turkey/Japan - Turkey eating baklava/asure off Japan's chest, art fill

09-01-03 Canada, Poland, Japan - Last day on earth

09-01-08 nomura's jellyfish/Japan - Japan tries to communicate with the jellyfish, very calm tentaclesex

09-01-23 Japan/Canada - Imperial!Japan tries to take over paranoid!Canada peacefully

09-01-27 Japan - art!fill; Yakuza!Japan

09-02-05 Japan+Germany+US - The Axis won WW2, America is split between Japan and Germany

09-02-07 Japan/Russia - Russo-Japanese war, Russia forced to wear a yukata

09-02-11 Japan/Austria - Music

09-03-09 US/Japan/UK - Double penetration and bickering between the brothers during sex

09-03-22 Axis Powers, US, UK, France, Russia, Lithuania - World Task Force G5

09-03-26 US/Japan/UK - US and UK fighting about who pleases Japan better


08-11-16 Korea/Canada - Theatre play, with America cockblocking

08-12-11 Korea/Russia - Claiming Russia's breasts

08-12-13 Korea/France - Claiming France's breasts

09-02-15 Korea - Naked Korea with Japan flag; Art fill

09-03-09 US/Korea Korea is US's "soldier's girlfriend" (past-WW2)

09-09-19 Korea+US - "If you're Korean, wear a kimono"


09-01-15 Vietnam+US - With the paddle, art fill

09-01-23 Vietnam/US - At the beach with picture

09-02-12 Vietnam/France France comes back after she got independent + teaser

09-12-23 Russia/Vietnam/America - Vietnam war = smut

Two and more Asians


08-09-13 Japan/China - Japan leaves, betrays and rapes China

08-09-16 Japan/China - Calligraphy/Painting

08-10-15 China/Japan - Teacher/Student relationship

08-11-28 Japan/China - Rape of Nanking

09-01-24 Whole world - Playing WoW

09-03-08 Japan/China - Ivasion of Manchuria


08-11-12 Korea/China - PWP, aniki's breasts belong to me

08-12-20 S.Korea/China/N.Korea - During WW2, trying to help each other with the trauma that Japan inflicted on them

09-03-10 China/Korea - Indecent Korean dancing

09-05-19 China+Korea - Kanji fight

09-07-29 Korea/China - Korea True Ending R 18


08-07-27 Japan/Korea - Korea being used and abused

09-01-28 Japan/N. Korea+S.Korea - The time that Korea belonged to Japan, yandere!Japan

09-02-03 Japan/Korea - gen, history of Japan's occupation of Korea

09-03-11 Japan/Korea - Japan dreams, Korea drunken submissive

09-11-26 Japan/Korea - hatesex


09-01-15 Vietnam/China - Snuggling, art fill


08-10-24 UK/China + HK - Returning HK, but not without reclaiming China, second-person narrator HK

08-10-26 China/Tibet - Tibet shan't become property of a Western nation, China claims him for himself while Tibet is resisting

08-11-07 China/Tibet - brutal sex, BDSM, rape follow up to *China claims Tibet*

08-11-12 China+Tibet/India - General brutality

08-12-10 Taiwan/Korea arguing about her being the "real China" or not

08-12-13 UK+China+Japan+America - Engrish

08-11-20 Russia/Japan, Germany/Japan, France/Japan, China, America, UK - Triple Intervention

08-12-20 Russia/China + Mongolia - Birth of Mongolia

08-12-20 HK/China - China's happiness to have HK back changes into something else sequel to "Reclaiming"

08-12-20 HK+China+UK - Bitter return of HK

08-12-30 Korea, Japan, China, America, UK, Russia, Germany, France - Shirtless conference

09-01-04 China/Vietnam - Vietnam leaves China

09-01-07 Taiwan+China+Japan - The One-China policy

09-01-07 Canada+Korea+China - They live in Canada's house, Why Vancouverites use "Asian" as a curse word

09-01-08 Russia/China/Japan - triangulation within the puppet state of Manchukao

09-01-23 Taiwan+China - Hair brushing; art fill

09-01-24 All nations+China+Japan+Korea - Playing WoW

09-02-07 Vietnam + China - Vietnam makes China leave

09-02-19 Bangladesh/India/UK/Pakistan - All three service UK

09-03-03 Korea/Ukraine+Japan+Russia - Groping Ukraine, Art fill

09-03-03 UK/Japan/HK - punishing Japan for fight over HK

09-06-13 Korea/HK + UK/HK - Your breasts belong to me!

09-06-27 Korea+China+Japan+Thailand+America - female!Korea, ca 1850 to 1950

09-07-08 Korea+Japan+China - Korea turned into a girl!
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