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12345780 (Bleach, Kira/Hisagi)

Titel: 12345780
Pairing/Characters: Kira Izuru/Hisagi Shuuhei
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: Bleach @Kubo Tite
beta: celemna

“One. Two. Three. Four. Five.” Six. “Seven. Eight.” Nine. “One, Two, Three-”


The blond turned around and, for a moment, genuinely smiled. “Yes, Hisagi-se- Shuuhei-san?”

Hisagi sighed, “Please Kira, I'm not your senpai anymore. You made fukutaichou! We are the same rank now!”

“But you're still older.” He said with his grin even wider.

“Point taken,” He could not do anything but return the smile and ignore his defeat. It was strange seeing Kira this happy... The blond seemed more relaxed than he had in years. “Anyway please call me Shuuhei, ok?”

Kira nodded. The tattooed man wouldn't comment on it, and he wouldn't ask, but it bothered him that Kira wouldn't make a similar offer towards him. Well... maybe it just needed a little more time.

He was shaken from his thoughts, “But what was it that you wanted to ask in the first place?”

“What are you counting?”

“Food.” he held it out towards Shuuhei. “Makisushi, to be exact. Want some?”

“Uhm... yes... Why...?” he sat down next to Kira, confused.

Kira shrugged. “Ichimaru-taichou told me to do it.” Hisagi didn't like the vibes in those words. He wouldn't say anything. He was just Kira's friend, he wasn't his mother or anything. He wasn't supposed to tell him what to do. Besides, maybe that was the way to deal with Ichimaru. Each captain was different and Shuuhei was sure that he would never have gotten along well with Kira's. He would never tell Kira, but he kind of saluted the fact that Kira could handle his taichou.

“And why didn't you say the six and the nine aloud...” His voice trailed off. Well, he had a general idea.

Which was confirmed. “I don't need to. You are here.”

But he had no idea for a witty answer. He didn't need to think one up. Kira deposed him of an answer.

He leaned forward and claimed Shuuhei's lips with his. This effectively prevented him from saying anything at all. It took Shuuhei a moment to realize what had just happened. By then his body had already obliged and he felt himself melt under those surprisingly firm and demanding lips. Kira's hot and wet tongue was brushing against the soft skin there and, feeling slightly dizzy, he let it slip in.
there were hands roaming all over his body, and he felt his own slide around the other's waist, pulling him towards himself, and then they were on the floor. Those hot lips left a wet trail when they traveled up and down his face, following the line towards his left ear, and then down his neck, down his chest, teasingly circling around his nipples – when had he gotten rid of his gi? - and then he felt himself arch against the other's slender body, and his own moaning mixed with Kira's. And then...

Dizziness took over. He couldn't really recall it afterwards, but he knew that it had been damn good. He just hoped that it hadn't been the last time.

It had.

Kira never again approached him this way, and he even tried to avoid him as much as he could.

Shuuhei slowly realized that there was more to his disappointment than confusion and a diffused feeling of hurt. He worried. He worried way too much for a friend, too much for someone who had slept with him one time. It wasn't the pure kind of worry he should have felt.


He wanted to have Kira. He didn't want him to belong to anyone else. Of course he had heard the rumors about the newly appointed 3rd division captain and his vice. And of course he had seen the hickeys and bruises all over his kohai's body.

He desperately wished for Kira to be his. One and only. His.

Later he became angry at Kira. Why, just why, did Kira have to fuck him? He hadn't asked for it right?

Why had Kira done something like that just to never ever talk to him again?

Why had he have to make him feel like this?

Why didn't the blond care the slightest to see him craving for his attention like this?

Had he forgotten about him?

Hisagi didn't know. Didn't want to ask. What, if the answer was yes?

Walking past the 3rd division's quarters, heard a voice count.

“Four. Five. Seven, Eight. Ten. Eleven.”

He hesitated only for a split second, then he turned the corner. “Kira.”

The blond sat there counting badges. He winced at the sudden sound and turned around. When he saw his senior his expression softened and tensed at the same time. “Hello, Hisagi-san.”

He furrowed his eyebrows but didn't comment on the form of address. “I wasn't there.”

The blond seemed confused, then, when he got the implication, his serious, troubled face lit up a little bit. “But you are always here.” He smiled and pressed one hand to his heart. “Whatever happens, you'll be here.”

“Then why...”

Kira's face vanished behind a curtain of blond. “I'm sorry... I shouldn't have... but... I just...” He dropped the box with the badges. “I just wanted you to be my first.”

And suddenly, Hisagi understood. He might not hold Kira's body. But the younger man's heart was his, had been his for a long time.

One and only.

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